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So, you want to learn about craft beer? So do we. That's why my wife, Susan, and I have opened D's Bottle Shop and Craft Beer College. This is the place where we will learn all there is to know about the exciting revolution taking place in the beer industry. You are invited to join us and learn as much, or as little, as you like.

My name is Darrell, hence the "D's" in our store name, and I started my craft brew education a few years ago. I have discovered some tasty concoctions out there, much more complex and interesting than the mass market stuff we all grew up drinking. There are hundreds of talented brew masters refining old styles and creating new ones. Come join me.

Our store features the best offerings from many of the more than 300 breweries now making beer in North Carolina. And while we love our home state, we acknowledge that the brewmasters of Maine, Ohio, California, Colorado and places all over the country are also serving up some pretty flavorful brews as well. We have a large variety of selections from these brewers that we think reflects the overall character of the craft brew industry in the U.S. We also have a sizeable inventory of all-stars and relative unknowns from Europe. They started it all many moons ago and continue to get it right.

Our goal is to not only satisfy the beer geeks who are farther along in their quest for knowledge, but also provide a place where folks who may not know a sour from a stout or a saison from an ESB (extra special bitter, a classic English style beer - you learned something already) can come and try some fun stuff in a comfortable and friendly environment.

We'll have study guides, complete with definitions, characteristics, and examples available to help you decide which beers are more to your liking and to make choices on trying new styles. Brewers and other experts will be in our store on a regular basis to provide interactive lectures (read tastings) for those of you who like to sit, sip, listen, and learn.

We hope you will come by and check us out. And we really hope you will remember this - "Life is too short to drink bad beer."

- Darrell and Susan Vest